About Us

BuyMeReview is established to serve the needs of Internet marketers or affiliates, especially the “affiliates” members who value hard works of the writer. Our mission is to help you build successful affiliate businesses by providing you with high quality contents.

At the moment, our one and only, specialized writing service is “Product Reviews” articles – (i.e. Top 10 Best GoPro Sticks in 2017).

According to our experience, being an affiliate for amazon or any other similar programs, success mostly depends on luck, skills (SEO) and contents. However, once you have high quality contents. There is a higher chance towards success.

There are 3 main components in an article that lead visitors to buy a product(s): 1- keywords and language used (formal or personal), 2- structure of the article, and 3- understanding the psychology of the readers. Without these pillars, there is a very little chance that visitors will proceed with their orders.

In every article that we provide to you, we guarantee that the 3 pillars are included. Yet, again we do not guarantee sales unless you have the luck and (in the case that you provide us the keywords) keywords that are strategic enough to win. Good luck; and let’s build successful businesses together.